Starting the Book of Your Dreams Writing Workshop with Darcy Pattison

Have you been dreaming of what it would be like to be a published author? But somehow time and fear seem to prevent you from accomplishing even the first steps.


 Darcy Pattisonwriter, teacher, and author

Award-winning author, teacher, and publisher, Darcy Pattison, will present her “Starting the Book of Your Dreams Workshop” at the first “Writing Around Arkansas” event sponsored by Little Rock American Christian Writers (LRACW) on Oct. 24-25 in Little Rock.

Employing Darcy’s writing strategies and techniques, you’ll finish a draft of your first five pages. Bring an idea and a pen and paper (or your computer), and be ready to write.

“Writing Around Arkansas” is our brand-new creative writing workshop. Each two-part workshop will feature a speaker sharing their expertise in the first half and then a practical application in the second half. Our purpose in these workshops is to provide education and then a jump-start to fulfill your writing goals. (LRACW)


BlogLogo/DarciPattisonDarcy Pattison (—author, blogger, writing teacher, and indie publisher—her books in eight languages. Her work for children includes an early chapter book series, Aliens, Inc.; and nature books such as Wisdom, the Midway Albatross (Mims House), which received a Starred Review in Publisher’s Weekly.

BookCover/DarciPattisonIn demand as a writing teacher, her how-to-write books include Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise, How to Write a Children’s Picture Book, Start Your Novel, and The Book Trailer Manual.

Darcy Pattison is the 2007 recipient of Arkansas Governor’s Arts Awards for her work in Children’s Literature.

For information on her November 2014 release, 30 Days to a Stronger Novel, visit

Prayer for Family Unity and Reconciliation

Does unity and reconciliation seem impossible in your family?

Photo/TaraRossMy family is separated by distance, and we have often also been divided by some of our differences—interests, opinions, lifestyles, ages, economy, and some pretty serious disagreements.

My mother longed for unity in our family, and she always grieved over our physical separation. Now that my children are grown with families of their own, I understand Mother’s concern. But I also understand the need for my children to find their own paths, which often includes some difficult times of being apart.

With each family member going their own way, I will admit that I’ve often lost hope for unity and reconciliation. And I’ve wondered if I would even recognize when the answer to this particular prayer comes.

What does unity and reconciliation even look like?

I’m looking forward to teaching a storytelling workshop at the Good Shepherd Retirement Center in Little Rock this fall.

Date: October 14, 2014
Time: 02:30-04:00 p.m.
Event: Storytelling Workshop: Good Shepherd Retirement Center
Topic: Telling the Stories That Matter Most
Sponsor: Good Shepherd Retirement Center
Venue: Good Shepherd Retirement Center
Location: 2701 Aldersgate Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72205
Public: Public

Facing the Mirror

It all started with my mirror ….


I didn’t like what I saw–gray hair, wrinkles, and an extra chin. I could only see my faults—weaknesses, mistakes, and failures–nothing worthwhile.

But that’s not the worst part. I found myself focusing all the negative things around me, too. And I almost missed it.

Check Out Dena Dyer’s Blog!

Check out Dena Dyer’s blog this week. Why? Because I think you’ll enjoy it. Plus, I want you to read my guest post, “First, Do No Harm: Lessons in Life and Nature.”


Photo/DenaDyer (


I met Dena Dyer a few years ago on my way to the CLASS Christian Writers’ Conference. I’m not sure Dena remembers that moment, but I sure do.

My daughter Tara and I sat across the aisle from her on the plane on our flight from Dallas to Albuquerque.

When I realized that Dena had already published a book, I quizzed her about her journey to publication. [Sorry, Dena!]

Enough! Considering the White Space of Grace

As I considered all the changes I needed to make awhile back, the word “enough” seemed to keep rolling out of my restless heart and consuming my anxious thoughts.


Where do I begin? 

Do I work on one of those book proposals? Do I need to write another blog post? Do I have a speaking event scheduled this month? Do I need to work on my website?

I don’t know where to start! Enough!

At first, I thought this mental confusion might be an emotional reaction to stress. Soon, I realized that I needed a divine revelation.

I needed some white space!

Arkansas Women Bloggers Invade Rogers, Arkansas

Interested in connecting with other women bloggers in Arkansas this coming weekend?


Arkansas Women Bloggers will hold their Fourth Annual Conference, #AWBU 2014, at the Embassy Suites NWA  in Rogers, Arkansas, this weekend, September 5–7, 2014.

Why am I SO excited? I think #AWBU might be one of the best-kept secrets in Arkansas. So, I highly recommend #AWBU 2014!

4 Household Organizational Tips for My Writing Life

At times, I get exhausted chasing all of my writing ideas and plans.


So, after examining the lessons I learned rearranging furniture last week, I realized I needed to rearrange a few things in my writing life, too.

Often I’m tempted to panic when I look at my “to do” list.